Body Talk investigates the various ways people love and embrace their bodies. Portraits are combined with handwritten text from the individual, sharing a reflection on their relationship with their body. Subjects were questioned on what they love about their bodies, what they have a hard time loving about their bodies, if they’ve been able to change the way they think about those difficult areas to be more kind to themselves, what makes them feel good about their bodies, and where they feel comfortable and confident about themselves. They were also asked to write a letter to their bodies. The text and image combined positively reflects the subject as an individual, how they are able to feel best about themselves, and/or a pledge to show kindness to their bodies in the future. The subjects are photographed in an environment where they feel comfortable and confident.

This work is influenced by the artists Jen Davis, Gillian Wearing, and Jim Goldberg and the way they use personal narrative and vulnerability in their work. Wearing and Goldberg also incorporate text with photographs to show expression of the subject and to inform the image. These artists express their own, or other’s, stories through portraiture and open an opportunity for others to connect or think about their stories through the honesty and vulnerability of those photographed. By photographing people in clothing and environments they feel confident in and having them share information about the relationship they have with their bodies, I hope to encourage others to think about what they feel positively about in themselves and consider their mind-body relationship.